Forming a Community

With the philosophy of integrating a home-like environment with the functional requirements of a long-term care facility, Pine Care Place is elegantly designed and features a warm and inviting ambiance throughout. Each unit at the facility has a separate single or double suite, shared living room, dining room and shower room, with four to six elderlies forming a small community. Besides, six-person room is available.


Having four to six elderlies in each unit offers a perfect balance between privacy and social interaction among flat mates in an intimate and cosy setting. At Pine Care Place, each resident has their own independent and well-organized personal space while still being able to enjoy social and leisurely facilities with other neighbours in the shared living room; each unit comes with a concierge who assist in arrange various parties and festival events for the elderly. With the hope that the elderly community can establish friendships between them and creating an inclusive neighbourhood, Pine Care place is not just a living space, but a living community.

Single Bedroom

Double Bedroom

6 Person Room

Living Room

Living Room